Energy-saving Grey PDLC Film

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Our Energy-saving smart PDLC film has the same clarity as typical PDLC Film, it is dark-gray color when opaque. Its not only owns excellent characteristics function of ordinary PDLC Film but also has a very good heat-insulation function, this is the building energy-saving transformation or building energy-saving design preferred.


To achieve the balance of heat-insulation and clarity through the way of reflection, conduction and absorption, while blocking the infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light.

Solar heat insulation rate = 3% UV resistance +44% Visible light resistance  + 53% IR Resistance

Analysis and comparison of main parameter



Milky white color film compares to Grey color energy saving film

Competitive Advantages of VANLONG PDLC Film

High clarity and Low haze when power on, High haze to keep privacy when power off. 

In roll or in customized sizes, width 1.2/1.5/1.8 meters, length over 100 meters. Can be special made 2.2 meter width for clients. 

Milky white, gray and brown colors available.

Fully Covered processing production of raw material ITO and PDLC Film, guarantee on stable quality and fast lead time. 

Operation temperature from cold -20℃ to hot +70℃.

Safety low driving voltage, low power consumption.

High strength of adhesive, long life-span. 

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